About Us


Rincon Ranch is a small family homestead in North-Eastern Tennessee. My name is Jody Gzhadawsot and am a Native American from the Potawatomi Nation Citizen Band. My husband, George, is an avid outdoor enthusiast. Together we feel it's imperative to reduce not only our carbon footprint but to also educate the next generation.

We do this by growing all vegetation organically and feeding all farm animals organic feed as well as offer cage free and free range grazing.

Rincon Ranch started with Pure English Cream-Legbar and Olive egger chickens. We now are home to registered Nubian goats, Italian honey bee's, and guinea fowl as well.

All of our products are organic and made with the best of ingredients, many of which are grown and/or gathered right here on the homestead. The quality of our products is of the utmost importance.

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Why Rincon Ranch?


I grew up in Utah and spent my summers at Lake Powell on a houseboat. One of my dad's favorite canyons to stay in and explore was always "Rincon Canyon". My mother also grew up with farm animals and loved the farm life. Since both of my parents passed on at a fairly young age we felt it only appropriate to think of them while naming our new homestead. Knowing that "Rincon" means a piece of land in between two rivers, streams, or sources of water it's even more perfect for it describes the homestead perfectly.  So, Rincon Ranch was born. The "M" that you see in our logo and email address simply stands for "Mattena". 


Do you provide International delivery?


We do offer international delivery to all countries that allow shipments in from the United States.



How do I return an item or get a refund?


If your package arrives damaged please immediately contact us at:  mRinconRanch@gmail.com. Please provide what the issue is and pictures of the package and damaged item. A replacement will be sent upon notification. 

If you are unhappy with your item(s) please contact us within 30 days for a full-partial refund. mRinconranch@gmail.com



How do I track my order?


As soon as your order ships you will be notified via email with tracking information and a link for you to check. 



What are your delivery options?


We offer First-class USPS standard and 2-day priority mail. All chicken hatching eggs must be sent USPS priority.