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What is Tummy Tea?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Another product we offer through Rincon Ranch is "Tummy Tea." In 2014 myself and two children were diagnosed with celiac disease. We tried to deny it for a long time but to no avail. For those of you who do not know what celiac disease is, it is an autoimmune disorder that causes a person to have horrible reactions to gluten (wheat, malt, barley) and often even touching something with gluten can cause a reaction.

One of the first reactions we get is severe stomach pain. Nothing, I mean nothing, makes this pain go away and we've tried everything (pharmaceutical and natural). One day I was reading an article about "Plantain," (no, not that large banana shaped fruit). Plantain is a broad leaf, spinach looking plant that grows wild almost anywhere. Most people think it's a weed and spray weed killer on it or pull it. Creator sent it to us for a reason.

Upon more research, I found that scientific studies of Plantain, or Plantago major, have shown that it has a broad range of biological effects, including wound healing activity, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, weak antibiotic, immune modulating and encouraging new cell growth. Indigenous people of Europe, Asia, and the America's have used this plant for thousands of years as a poultice for wound care, insect stings and bites, and burns. Due to its astringent properties, plantain leaves and seeds can be made into a tea or tincture then ingested to treat diarrhea or dysentery. Due to the high vitamin and mineral content, plantain tea simultaneously replenishes the nutrients lost as a result of diarrhea. Plantain is loaded with vitamins A, C, and E as well as calcium. Adding fresh plantain seeds or flower heads to a tea will act as an effective lubricating and bulking laxative (this actually helps slow diarrhea). The tea or tincture is also used to soothe raw sore throats. When ingested, the aucubin in plantain leaves leads to increased uric acid excretion from the kidneys and may be useful in treating gout. What an amazing little plant!

We have it everywhere here on the ranch. So one day when I was exposed to gluten, and the tummy pain started I went out into the yard and pulled some plantain leaves, made tea, and sipped it. The pain didn't completely go away, but it certainly subsided. It also didn't last as long as usual. I then started to do more and more research on what I could add to this tea to make it even better, trying these remedies out on myself. I was amazed at what it could do for me, so I then tried this tea on my two children when they were exposed to gluten. The results were remarkable. The pain doesn't 100% go away however it decreases by 80% as well as the duration.

We've been using this tea ever since. I grow all of the ingredients right here on the farm, so I know what exactly is going into our bodies and I know it's pure and efficient. I make sure I always have this on hand. Broad leaf plantain, Turmeric root, Ginger root, pepper corn, and mint is all it takes. Steep the tea in almost boiling water (not quite to boiling) for 10-15 minutes, add honey (optional) and sip. There's no minimum or maximum, and its taste is calming and lovely. Tummy tea is also wonderful for stiff and painful joints, arthritis, and aid with any inflammatory issues. Plantain leaf, Turmeric root, and peppercorn are all natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. I must admit as I grow older I'm needing this remedy more and more for aching joints. Two years ago our oldest daughter left for college out of state. I send her care packages often and always include a bag of tummy tea. A few months ago she called to tell me that her boyfriend caught a stomach bug that was going around the campus. He was having horrible stomach pain, so she made him a cup of our tummy tea. She told me that his pain subsided quickly and he was able to rest. I have also tried this whenever we have an upset tummy or GI issues, and it always makes things better. Tummy tea isn't just for helping with celiac disease symptoms. Natural is better, and I firmly believe that Creator gave us everything we would need to get well right here in nature. I always try to stay with natural remedies however there's also a place for modern medicine and check-ups. This tea is just another way to stay well, active, healthy, and not break the bank.

*Of course if symptoms do not subside or if they get worse please consult a physician.

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