Damaged Hair! Help!

Damaged Hair Mask

We all do it. We neglect our hair, we abuse it, overheat it, over style it, and over strip it. I have naturally curly and oh-so-delicate hair. Chemical straighteners literally kill and fry my hair. Dyeing my hair also dries it out so much I'm left with extra frizzies. We don't like frizzies!

So, I researched, experimented, and researched some more until I came up with the oh-so-ultimate-hair repair recipe. It's filled with collagen, keratin, and healing, smoothing, hair-loving oils. Ingredients include gelatin for extra healing collagen, carrot oil for strengthening keratin, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Calendula oil, and olive oil for that excellent moisture, Rosehip oil for vitamin C, Ginseng and peppermint oil for hair growth stimulation.

keratin collegen hair treatment

Heat enough water to cover your bottle of hair treatment until boiling via microwave or stove top. When water reaches temperature, remove from heat and place the entire container into the hot water and let sit for about five minutes. If the water cools too quickly, you may need to add more hot water or allow more time for your treatment to heat up and liquefy. While your treatment is warming, brush hair and section into four parts and clip. Treatment works best for product free, clean hair. Hair can be dry, or well towel dried. When your treatment is fully liquefied, (enough to pour) shake well and apply to each section of hair concentrating on dry & damaged areas. Hair dye application brushes or wide-toothed combs work well to distribute the treatment. Shake well in between each application. The treatment will begin to solidify quickly and will be difficult to comb through. Once it gets to this point do not try to force a comb or brush through, the next step will ensure that the treatment is dispersed further. Complete each section and re-pin in place. Cover head with a damp, as hot as you can stand it towel and time for at least 15-45 minutes (reheating the towel as needed). If you can cover the hot towel with a shower cap, this will help the heat to work on the treatment further. I have found that clipping a shower cap on over the hot towel and then placing a hair dryer on low power, high-heat, underneath the shower cap gives me the best results. Wash hair with regular shampoo and conditioner. Style as usual. Reapply every 1-3 weeks. You will LOVE LOVE LOVE the shine, the run-your-fingers-through softness, and no frizz results!

Here's a short video clip to show you how easy this is!

Rincon Ranch Collagen and Keratin Intense Hair Mask


Click here to give it a try. Your hair will thank you!

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