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Culinary Ash

Juniper Berry Ash
Culinary Ash

Culinary ash seasoning dates back thousands of years if not more. Culinary ash serves different purposes such as adding extra nutrients, changing the Ph so that certain grains and legumes are fully used and digested in the body, and adding different unique flavors.

Culinary ash can be made from several different things; corn cobs, corn silk, corn husks, black eyed pea husks, juniper berries, cedar leaves, sage, rosehips, and sumac.

Corn ash ads a slightly sweet and creamy flavor, juniper adds a earthy, piney, and peppery flavor, sage is peppery and strong.

For this I'm using Juniper berries o create culinary ash. One method is you can wrap the item in foil and put over a fire. The second, I will be showing you here is by simply cooking the item in a cast iron skillet at a high heat until it's chard. Longer video here

For this I'm sing Juniper berries

  • If charring berries or rosehips crush slightly in a mortar and pestle.

  • Place enough leaves or berries just enough to cover the bottom of a cast iron skillet or pan.

  • Cook over high heat until items are thoroughly chard. This will be very smoky so make sure you have all windows open with fans or do this step on an outside grill or fire. Never leave the stove unattended during this process.

  • When items are thoroughly chard removed from heat and let cool until it stops smoking.

  • Transfer back to your mortar and pestle and crush.

  • Sift ash through a small sieve into a glass container, such as a measuring cup. Work through the ash gently.

  • Transfer ash that won't sift through back to the mortar and pestle and crush. Repeat this step until all ash has been sifted through the sieve.

  • store in a glass jar or container.

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