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How to Make Cedar Oil

Every winter I have a pot of cedar simmering. Cedar is well known for it's medicinal uses as well as antimicrobial properties. I was taught at a young age that having cedar simmering cleanses the air, protects from respiratory infliction, and adds needed humidity to the home environment.

Simply put fresh cedar branches and leaves into a stainless steel pot with clean water and simmer adding water when needed. Please always harvest in a sacred and respectful way (put down sema -tobacco- and tell the tree what you're using the cedar for. Only take what you need) I change out the liquid and add new cedar abut twice per week. Check out more here: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJpESgg1/

Another added benefit to having cedar simmering is that you can make cedar oil and it's super easy and super concentrated. She a short clip here: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJpEBd9X/

Simply simmer your cedar for 48-72 hours adding water when needed. (only have your stove on when you're home and awake). When you're ready, allow the liquid to evaporate halfway.

Strain out your cedar leaves and branches and then return to a clean pot. Allow the liquid to boil and evaporate until you have about 2 cups of liquid left.

Strain again but this time add cheese cloth to your strainer.

At this point I change out my large pot for my smaller stainless steel sauce pan.

Bring the liquid to a boil and allow the liquid to evaporate until thickened. Watch closely! If you boil for too long you'll end up with pitch and the liquid is very hot at this point. Please use caution.

Very carefully pour your cedar oil into a clean class container using a rubber spatula. Ta-dah! You've made a batch of super concentrated cedar oil .

I like to put a dab on the bottom of my feet when I leave the property for added protection. I also can add a dab to my wrists if I’m feeling like I need more energy protection or if I know I’m going to be going to a place where there might be some not-so-great energy. When we are ill or not feeling well I like to add a few drops to our bathwater.

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