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Why Turmeric?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Turmeric is one of those magical finds I stumbled across a few years ago while looking for natural alternatives for eczema. My husband has struggled with eczema on his face for as long as he can remember and as we got a wee bit older in age it worsened. He is so manly that trying to get him to take pharmaceuticals is like trying to put a cat in a toilet, plus we both agree that natural is a really good place to start. So, I went to google and a few ideas came my way.

First, make sure he's not allergic to anything. The consensus was pretty clear on that one. Allergies can trigger all sorts of autoimmune responses. We checked that one off pretty quick for him. Allergens don't affect him one bit-including poison ivy.

Next, check your humidity. Dry climates tend to cause increased bouts of eczema. Well, we live in the south so the lack of humidity is so not the problem.

Moving on, moisturize. Coconut oil, Argon oil, Olive oil....love those. I had him try all of those

and they did seem to help but he hates, hates, hates, oils on his skin. I'm sure if he would use the moisturizers I mixed up every day it might be enough but he simply will not. GAH!

At the end of my list was turmeric. Though it does seem to be just "discovered" it's been around for a long time, hundreds of years, probably more. Not just recent hippie's like myself but ancient people have used turmeric for all sorts of things. You see its composition makes it a nearly perfect anti inflammatory, whether ingested or applied topically. Excellent! Eczema is an inflammatory skin issue so let's try that. Putting it in a moisturizer didn't really work because turmeric will turn anything it touches yellow or orange. So, no for the moisturizer. Besides, my robot husband won't put on the moisturizer anyway.

After a few losses, I finally came up with a win. He will use a scrub in the shower and it worked! Bam! I have him scrub it on well and leave on while he does his other shower business, and rinse. If you have lighter skin you will probably want to follow with a natural toner because the turmeric can cause some slight to dramatic yellowing. I have darker skin so I use the scrub and follow with moisturizer. I kind of want that turmeric "residue" to soak in as long as possible (cause that's me). If you have light or gray hair a small amount of apple cider vinegar or Witch Hazel can take the turmeric color off super fast. My husband has a lighter facial mane and when he forgets to use toner (often) he really has a golden beard.

Our perfected product that makes up this scrub is made up of turmeric grown on the farm so I know exactly what's in it, oils, honey, and raw sugar. All natural and all organic. After one year of the husband using the turmeric scrub the eczema patches are gone! If he goes a week or so without using the scrub small patches will start to appear so he just keeps on it.

On a side note, my husband is also as Caucasian as it gets. Red/blonde hair, green eyes, and freckles. He is the "Jamie" to my "Outlander". This also puts him at risk for skin cancer and he's already had numerous lesions of actinic keratosis (a start to some skin cancers) frozen or lasered off, starting at the age of 36. Since he started using the turmeric scrub he and his dermatologist have noticed a drastic decrease in the number of lesions popping up. Mind you, they still pop up but not as many. Anyone who has felt the sting of liquid nitrogen on their face can tell you what a joyful experience that is.

So my fri​​ends, that is why turmeric is our favorite natural herb. Any questions? Please feel free to comment or shoot us a message. We would love to hear from you and even hear about your experiences with turmeric!

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Please continue to see your dermatologist every year or as often as recommended per your HCP. This is a blog, an opinion post, not a healthcare post nor ever a substitute for proper healthcare. Stay healthy, peeps!

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