We all know that certain herbs have wondrous effects when used in the bath, from relaxation to healing. We also know that the mess afterwards can undo much of the relaxation we were after in the first place. Welcome Rincon Ranch's Herbal Bath Tub Steeper, filled with the herbs you need to get the result you want without the mess.
Simply place the entire closed steeper bag into a warm tub. This is safe to use while filling and/or when soaking. You may want to remove prior to turning on the jets if you have a jetted tub, though the steeper should float. Lay back, relax, and let your herbal bathtub steeper work it's magic.
Hang to air dry and may be used 2-4 times.


Choose from:

  • Relaxation- Lavender, Chamomile, Rose Buds
  • Cleansing- (great for when feeling exhausted, fighting a physical illness, or spiritually ill)- Cedar & Sage
  • Uplifting - Green & Black Tea, Lemon Skin, Rose Buds

Herbal Bathtub Steeper