18 Oz Rincon Ranch Bath Crack

With the help of my amazing daughter, we came up with Rincon Bath Crack after I had a horrible allergic reaction. My skin was so itchy I thought it would peel right off. After coming up with this amazing recipe I always keep it handy and have noticed it helps with everything; dry skin, chiggers from working in the yard collecting herbs and berries, bug bites, eczema, and more. It truly has become my bath crack.
This comes in 18 oz container and you can add 3 Tablespoons- 1 cup depending on your need and size of the tub. Soak away.

Ingredients: Organic oatmeal, organic powdered milk, grated organic lavender, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda for ph balance), sea salt.

Rincon Bath Crack

  • Add 3 Tablesppon to 1 (one) cup of RR Bath Crack depending on your size of tub and your need. Soak away!


    As with any product if rash or hives appear please discontinue use and speak with your care provider.