4 oz all natural Rincon Ranch Rosewater; contains all natural and organic rose petals, rose hips, witch hazel, and green tea steeped in filtered water. Comes in a glass spray bottle for easy application; either apply to a cotton ball and wipe over freshly cleaned face as a toner or spritz on your face to set makeup.

Rose petals and rose hips are loaded with vitamin C. Witch Hazel keep things sanitary and tones the skin. Green tea is added for softness and lift. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers knew what they were doing with Rosewater; natural really is better.

I use this for more than just a toner and setting my makeup. I also use it for cooling a sunburn or refreshing the skin after a workout or hot day. You'll find that it is super refreshing and can feel calm knowing that it's all natural and organic.

Rosewater toner and setting spray