12 ounce (volume not weight) of all natural and organic Rincon Ranch Tummy Tea; with heart shaped tea steeper and bamboo spoon.

All natural, organic, with zero side effects tea to help with nausea, upset tummy, GI balance, and tummy soother.

Three out of four of the humans in the Mattena's household have celiac disease (Mom and two kids). We love to travel and experience all things new so it's easy to get exposed to gluten. Our oldest is away at college and she is exposed to gluten all of the time. As you might know, there is no cure for celiac disease nor has anyone found a pharmaceutical that will help with the symptoms. In the past, we would just grin, grimace, and bear the pain until it was out of our system.

Seeing my kids in pain led me to figure out something, anything. I started studying herbology because I wanted to know what I could get off of our property and put to use. I quickly found this amazing plant that most people think is a weed; Plantain. It is another amazing anti inflammatory and works miracles on the gut. It lessons our symptoms and the duration by days and this is huge!

This also works wonders on the stomach flu, nausea, and tummy upsets of every kind.

Our finished and perfected product has all things good for the body and the tummy and all come from right here on Rincon Ranch, all organic and natural; plantain, ginger, turmeric, pepper corn, and mint. All ingredients are anti inflammatories and anti-nausea acting agents to get your tummy and GI tract back to normal as soon as possible.

Tummy tea is a loose herbal tea. We recommended to let 1 Tablespoon per cup steep in nearly boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Add raw, organic, and/or local honey to taste and sip away.

As with any product, do not use if you're allergic to any ingredients. Discontinue use if rash or hives develop and contact your PCP. Consult your PCP before using if you're pregnant or nursing.* If you're allergic to any of the above ingredients please do not take. Always check with your PCP prior to taking herbal supplements. Rincon Ranch does not take the place of your PCP and does not offer any medical advice or treatments, only herbal remedies.

RR Tummy Tea Gift Set with tea steeper and spoon